7 Current Environmental Problems That Our World is Facing

With time it is becoming important to pay heed to some of the serious environmental problems that can turn out to be major issues in coming years. Over the years we have done some serious damage to environment. If you want to educate yourself regarding serious environmental problems read this article and take necessary step before it is too late.

Climate Change

Over the last few years there has been serious climate change across the globe. From freak storms to heat waves to drought and flooding, experiencing variable weather has suddenly become quite a norm. Climate change is one important issue as most of the individuals are not even sure whether it is a serious issue in first place. Before we get into any solution it is important to realize that yes climate change is a serious issue that is affecting us terribly.


green tree
Deforestation has evolved as another important issue that is causing several troubles over the years. In the name of development and infrastructure there have been massive deforestations across the world. It is high time that every individual should consider it an important and serious issue for better tomorrow. Unless there is sufficient tree how we live? Before it is too late it is time that severe measures are taken against deforestation.


Pollution has been another top environmental problem that is creating issues over the years. With development major industries around are polluting the environment and it is quite a common aspect. Governments are acting sloppy and careless when it comes to take strict action against industries or firms that are polluting the Mother Nature. In the name of development we are leaving our world polluted and this is slowly turning out to be one of the biggest threats in coming years.


Loss of Biodiversity

Each and every species has a specific role in this planet. When one dies there will be a catastrophic effect amongst others. The above mentioned points are terrible causing damage to the bio diversity that is in turn making life danger here. It is really difficult to combat the problem but the start can be made by educating yourself and there by spreading the message.

Melting of Ice caps and rising levels of sea

Each and every environmental problem is correlated. Rising sea levels are very much associated with deforestation, pollution, loss of biodiversity and climate change. As the temperature here is increasing the ice caps are slowly melting and that in turn resulting in rise of sea levels. Unless we all act seriously in coming years this will turn out to be as severe issue and hardly we can act then.

Explosive Population Growth

Huge increase in population in the last century has been on one of the burning issues that can cause severe problem. With population there are many more problems coming up that are terribly causing environmental problems. It is high time that every country should take necessary steps to control population at least for the sake of Mother Planet.

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Are Motorcycles Greener For Environment Than Cars?

With pollution everywhere it is important for every individual to make the move and ensure greener environment. The present market is filled up with all ranges of automobiles and vehicles that are worsening the scenario. But is it really true that motorcycles have lesser carbon footprints compared to any car? Well if reports and experts are to be believed then yes it is quite effective as bike or motorcycles don’t leave any major carbon footprint. However in reality it may be true after considering several aspects. There are many factors that are important to consider before determining whether any particular vehicle is greener or eco-friendly.

Fuel Usage

There are different styles and ranges of motorcycles presently available in the market. There are different aspects that play an important role in determining how efficient or greener the vehicle or motorcycle is. There are some models that come with fuel efficiency and those are relatively good. Harley Davidson for instance is one brand that emphasizes on making design or models that are safer or greener. To ensure fuel economy make sure you get small vehicles that are quite impressive.

Eco-Friendly Motorcycles

To face the issue of fuel economy there are traditional bikes and many other manufacturers that are coming up with all new concepts with every model to make it eco-friendly and suitable or environment. The manufacturers who are emphasizing on environmental friendly and suitable motorcycles tend to provide fiber bodies, lighter metals, come with alternative fuel system and various other environment friendly features. Some big and reputed brands like BMW and Honda are investing huge to get eco-friendly motorcycles in the market. Honda recently came up with a model that is 25 percent more fuel efficient compared to previous versions. BMW on the other hand is coming up with new manufacturing techniques that are improving its environment carbon footprints. Water based paints are used on motorcycles to develop some highly efficient processes.

How environmental friendly are motorcycles?

dirt bike polution
Even though there are some new advancements and technological changes coming up with motorcycles there are still concerns regarding its environmental friendly nature or behaviors. With issue of size there are matters like transporting motorcycles to distant dealer where it will be sold. There are some hidden environmental costs for distribution of those products; the one which was far bigger when the model was designed overseas. The same case holds for products like Kawasaki that are mostly brought from distant places.
There are big vehicles like busses, trucks that produce more emission compared to bikes but at the same time it carries more passengers. However it is important to get a LCA or full life cycle analysis that will show the impact of any particular motorcycle in environment. However with current evidence it is found that bikes or motorcycles have both merits as well as drawbacks when it comes down to different environmental impacts. It can be real alternative to small car but won’t be a great deal compared to any “green” car.

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